We chose the theme MONOCHROME because art is not something which you see.
Visualize yourself as the artist you have always dreamt about, then take the little step to get it. Every competition is another opportunity for you to achieve your greatest goals.

Logyify India, known better for believing in enhancing talents, academic skills, and confidence of youth by providing a platform for grasping knowledge and direction to a better future, feels proud to announce this” Monochrome, Online Art Competition’ ‘ for everyone. This competition is organized in collaboration with Finesse The Fine Arts Club, IIT Guwahati, Fine Arts Society of IIT Hyderabad, CrAC Creative Activities Club of BITS Pilani, IRIS Fine Arts Society of NIT Delhi, Debonairs Fine Arts Society of UCIET Chandigarh, Literary Society of MIT Moradabad, Brushstrokes Fine Arts Society of Ramanujan College, INARA- Fine Arts Society of Ramlal Anand College, FPC Socity Fine Arts Society of Shyam Lal College,3P’s – The Creative Arts Society of Sri Aurobindo College, Aakriti Art Society of DIPSAR/DPSRU, The Fine Arts Society SRCC, Nibs & Brushes Fine Arts Society of Aryabhatta College, Inara Fine Arts Society of Ramlal Anand College, Kalamkaar: The Literary Society DDUC, FAPS Fine Arts and Photography Society KMC, Kalakriti Fine Arts Society of Ambedkar University, Artifex Fine Arts Society of UCMS, ARTSZHDCE- Arts and Culture Society Zakir Husain Delhi College Evening University of Delhi, Leonci Fine Arts Society of Venkateswara College, DU

Open To All Welcoming All Artists
Bring your creativity out, send your entries now.

Link for participation:

Exciting gift hampers for the winners

DM us in case of any query:


Logyify India

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