Without Music, Life would be Boring If you imagine yourself hitting every note, that’s your first step towards it. Visualize yourself as the singer you have always dream about, then take the little step to get it. Every competition is another opportunity for you to achieve your greatest goals. Logyify India known better for believing in enhancing talents, academic skills, and confidence of youth by providing a platform for grasping knowledge and direction to a better future, feels proud to announce this “RETRO METRO, Online Music Competition” for everyone. Open To All Welcoming All Vocalists and Musicians Record your voice, share it from home to hearts.

Exciting gift hampers for the winners by SAR Records

Link for participation: https://forms.gle/xUQpgpgFty2Tf1516

DM us in case of any query: https://instagram.com/logyify?igshid=18m61iv5x2p8d


Logyify India

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