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Recreate- Best out of waste Competition

Logyify India hosted an online best out of waste competition titled “Recreate” on their Instagram Portal which ran from 9th June 2021 to 20th June 2021. This competition was conducted to encourage students from various schools and colleges to compete and showcase their talents to the world. There was no registration fee. It was conducted in collaboration with Finesse The Fine Arts Club, IIT Guwahati, Fine Arts Society of IIT Hyderabad, IRIS Fine Arts Society of NIT Delhi, Literary Society of MIT Moradabad, Brushstrokes Fine Arts Society of Ramanujan College, FPC Society Fine Arts Society of Shyam Lal College, Aakriti Art Society of DIPSAR/DPSRU, Nibs & Brushes Fine Arts Society of Aryabhatta College, Kalakriti Fine Arts Society of Ambedkar University, Artifex Fine Arts Society of UCMS, ARTSZHDCE- Arts and Culture Society Zakir Husain Delhi College Evening University of Delhi. The competition was a huge success, with more than 100 students from all over the country have participated in the competition. Ms Sudiksha Kapoor secured the first position. Whereas Mr Abhik Lahkar secured the Second Position and Ms Shanya was Third. The prizes for the competition were sponsored by “Scribbly”, “Hidden Souls” and “Vogue Street”. The winner got Gift Hampers from Scribbly. A free counselling session for all the participants of the competition from Logyify India was rewarded. Gift Coupons by The Vogue Street and Hidden Souls have been provided to all participants as well.


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