Today, we’re all about pi and its many aspects. Pi Day is on March 14, and any day that combines fun, education, and pie is a day worth celebrating!
It is a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) and it’s optional for us to eat lots of pie. …

No matter how you slice it, you won’t want to miss Pi (π) Day—we’ll be celebrating differently this year. Hence Logyify India has taken the initiative to conduct a quiz about �(Oops! Pardon please pie tends to distract) “Pi”.
You can join the party for this irrational and transcendent figure!!!!!

Logyify India known better for believing in enhancing talents, academic skills, and confidence of youth by providing a platform for grasping knowledge and direction to a better future, feels proud to conduct a quiz on the occasion of pi day.
So before indulging in details of the quiz kindly answer this quick question –
What did pi say in a spat with its spouse?!
Pro tip: gentlemen don’t say this to your ladies!

Answer: you are being irrational?

So, Just click the given below link and join us for the feast of Pi!

Certificates will be provided to the participants.
And surprise gifts for the 5 top scorers.


Logyify India

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