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We provide guidance and counselling to all ages and towards all career domains.

Our counsellees describe us as a source of amazing and applicable counselling and guidance.

With the assistance of top-notch counsellors and guides. We take the most curated steps to reach the perfect resolution rather, than going for the standard approach by going to the root of the cause of the initial issue.

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    July 1, 2021

    The Elite School Program

    ESP is an especially curated program for schools to help students with their Counselling and Guidance needs. The program focuses on fulfilling the requirement of proper...

    • Strategy

      Bilateral Corporation between us and School

    • Design

      Student Centric Program

    • Client


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    April 24, 2020


    We organise Events with colleges, schools, clubs, trusts, foundations, agencies, and NGOs to build a nurturing and equally effective learning experience for students, which creates a...

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    We have witnessed many students suffering the everlasting phase of confusion and doubt. These doubts only increase when they look towards their future. We have created a...

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    July 20, 2018

    Internships and Training

    We have curated an internship platform for students of all ages who want to learn, experience and practice in various fields. We are providing internships in...

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    Become An Ambassador

    For instance, We have 5 Kinds of Ambassadorship: Campus Ambassador Internship Ambassador School Ambassador Skill Ambassador Media Ambassador

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    June 3, 2019


    We constantly organise workshops and seminars for students and teachers alike. We collaborate with teachers and skill masters from time to time for these workshops. They...

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    Charity Drives

    We organise charity drives with various NGOs, trusts and societies Under the Logyify India Counselling for the Lessor Fortunates Program. These are specially curated programs according...

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